Our mission is to shift the consciousness surrounding child sexual abuse and rape culture.


Not only do we want to end the statutory time limits that surround all issues relating to and concerning child sexual assault, but we also want to remove the stigma, shame, guilt and fear of judgement perceived by all people who have endured any form of sexual assault.


We are striving to create a society removed from the rape culture that is so readily absorbed and accepted in our society and families, much of which influences our pop culture. 

We are committed to the following goals:

  • Raising the standard when it comes to the protection of children against sexual predators.

  • Empowering survivors of child sexual abuse to break their silence and share their stories.

  • Abolishing the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse crimes. 

This is a space where bravery lives. Please join our community and contribute towards protecting the future and safety of our children.  

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