If I Could Go Back In Time…

If I could go back in time and give myself any advice, it would be to my 9 year old self. To this fresh faced chubby little kid, who has before him a lifetime of choices, I would say the following: “There is not an ounce of pain in this world that you should endure for the unity and happiness of others. There is no degree of compromise acceptable if it undermines your self worth and nobility. The happiness and progress of others should never be at the expense of your feelings. If they are your family…they will fight for you, they will stand by you, they will honour your safety, see to your protection, safeguard your boundaries and never silence you. If they fail you more than once on this…ir

Are You Still Friends With A Rapist Or A Rape Apologist?

Wearing all black and signing off Tweets and Instagram posts with #TimesUp does very little unless it’s followed up with action that requires severing ties with rapists and abusers. It’s effortless to show solidarity by simply putting on a black suit, wearing a pin and tweeting a trendy hashtag but what about when it actually requires believing and showing support to a survivor of any form of sexual assault? It's pointless if one is merely picking and choosing abusers they don’t like. What about when the aggressor is someone in your family or in your friends network? What about the people who go to great extremes to defend an abuser because it’s easier to deny the reality than to face it?

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