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Mother's Day

To all the mothers who stand alongside their children, paving the road for a safer future, we salute your efforts and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. We pay special tribute to you survivors who are mothers because more than anyone, you recognise that “mother” is not just a noun, but a verb.

And despite the joys we see in social settings on Mother’s Day, there are those of you today who carry with you a heavy heart. For every survivor who struggles with the concept of this day because your mother did not believe you, failed to protect you or worse…was the source of the abuse you endured, we stand with you and hold you cemented to our hearts.

If you have decided to visit family today and your childhood home also serves as your crime scene, or if the presence of family magnifies your feelings of neglect, being disbelieved or expended - remember, you are not less deserving of the love, respect and affection you offer in relationships. Keep in mind that family is meant to honour and have regard for your boundaries. Never to undermine them. And lastly, if you find yourself overwhelmed, reach out to friends who are supportive and keep safe. Be kind to yourself and remember, you are NEVER alone.

-Will Not Rest

Will Not Rest  |  Mothers Day

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