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Father's Day Reflections

In light of recent events and the celebration of father’s day, we thought it appropriate to share some thoughts on this powerfully made video.

The #BrockTurner ruling has demonstrated to us that our courts of law cannot easily be re-educated. Nor can we readily abolish laws that have permeated throughout our society for centuries, fuelling an ever-advancing rape culture.

With Father’s Day behind us, the new year ahead gives each of us the opportunity to reflect on the 2 major responsibilities that are expected of every dad: Raising your child to lead a good life with an upright character, and protecting them until they are old enough to protect themselves.

We each have the obligation to pledge towards a safer existence for our sons and daughters. Real change can only begin with a shift in our consciousness…a shift that will not tolerate in the slightest bit dehumanising comments directed towards woman guised under the veil of humour and “boys will be boys” banter. Nor will it defend any acts of sexual assault on the basis of intoxication, privilege or reputation.

We each share in this duty…to speak up and say something when we hear a joke or a comment that can perpetuate a behaviour or influence a mindset.

Our future generations depend on us.

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