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The Emerging Truth Between Playboy and its Contributions to Pedophelia

We have to ask ourselves, what's the point of having adult women dress up to look like children or wear revealing school girl uniforms other than to subtly condition a person's mind towards the sexual abuse and rape of children. The only reason Playboy has been able to get away with it for as long as they have is because their references to child rape have been subtle and made during an era where there was very little activism and attention devoted towards the matter. But however subtle, the impact is nonetheless severe where generations of men and women have been desensitised to this idea. The outcome of this behaviour is evident and in display throughout a society were social attitudes normalise and dismiss the sexual abuse and assault of women, men and children.

This is the classic definition of Rape Culture.


Excerpt below from a recent blog post from Adjust Remembered:

"The more I read up on it the more it seemed to me that Hugh Heffner’s Playboy magazine was almost catering to a demographic people might not expect; the paedophiles?"

Will Not Rest | Playboy Magazine Cartoons | Child Sexual Abuse | Hugh Hefner

"... ‘as early as 1954 and through to the 1990’s Playboy contained comics and images that sexualised children, mostly children from the ages of 3-11 and following a close second children ranging ages 12-17 years old. At a rate of approximately 8 images or comics per magazine.’ It would seem as though Playboy was trying to condition its readers into seeing child rape and exploitation as a regular part of a males’ sexual life."

More can be read HERE

Hugh Hefner Rape Culture

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