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The Consequences Of Allowing Children To Coexist With Abuse

If your child has recently disclosed they have been sexually abused by a member of the family, and you're concerned that the consequence of standing up for your child will lead to schisms within your family unit…remember that the repercussions of standing up for yourself or for your children, is not your fault. The blame is always with the abuser.

However, if the breakdown of the family is your primary concern and that inhibits you from wanting to take a just stand…remember that when your child is hurt by someone in any capacity (emotionally, physically, sexually or spiritually), it is imperative they see their parents and family members stand up for them. For the sake of their self esteem and their ability to develop a strong moral compass, it is absolutely necessary for them to see what justice is, how that reflects on them and the world around them.

On the other hand, if children are forced to coexist with their abuser to preserve the "unity" of family, be forewarned that the consequence of such a cowardly act can lead them down a lifetime of devastating choices.

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