2016 Is The Year For Change!

December 30, 2015

As another year subsides into the past, we slowly cross over into a new and fresh 2016. With it comes all the hopes of resolution, justice, change, progress and an abundance of love.


As we reflect on what 2015 brought us, we can say with certainty that it was a year filled with consciousness. Collectively, conversations were started and an awareness was nurtured to create a safer environment for our future to develop and grow. We met and conversed with people from all walks of life who have in one way or another been affected by the social and emotional implications of sexual abuse. With each personal narrative that was offered, we were humbled and honoured to have these sacred stories shared with us in private.


For 2016, we have one hope...and that is for change to happen. In our homes. In our families. In our mindset. If we all change our perspective of the world that surrounds our individual lives, then these steps will contribute to a global awareness. We are asked often by many who want to help the Will Not Rest cause how they can get involved and the best advice we can offer is this: Be conscious of what your personal world consists of. Progress begins in our hearts and our actions. If you see something around you that doesn't feel right, then tell someone. If you hear or see something that infringes on the rights of a child, be an advocate for that child and speak up…even if that child is a total stranger. If an adult member of your family finds the courage to speaks out on the trauma they endured as a child at the hands of another family member, don’t remain apathetic or neutral. Show your support and pick a side. When it comes to abuse, Justice IS black and white. There are no grey areas. The epidemic of sexual abuse thrives in silence, and you are the only ones that can change that. Be supportive to those that have lived a life challenged by sexual abuse and/or violence. This is our one hope for 2016. This is how we can all jump on that ladder of prevention.


With this, we wanted to thank each of you for your support, the kind words, the spreading of knowledge and the sharing of your stories. Let's keep speaking out in 2016! We are wishing you all so much love and happiness as we transition into a new year, with new hopes.


Happy New Year to you all!

-Will Not Rest!


#WillNotRest, #ChildSexualAbuse, #StatutesOfLimitations

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